Thursday, May 3, 2012

listening to all sorts of shit on pandora right now. oh, and i'm also blogging.

Okay! Time to confess!

I am so nostalgic for the 90s and the 80s and the 70s. And sure, the 60s. And sometimes even the stifling 50s. Will I ever feel nostalgia for the 00s? For the 10s? No one, not even Fake Jesus (as opposed to Real Jesus - he exists! and he's NOT Anglo-Saxon!) knows for sure. "Sure" should really be spelled "shuur," but you couldn't pay me enough to give a shit.

I have this weird rage when it comes to my extended family. I want to love them, but it's hard to do when they don't give a shit about me (even when you pay them!). They are good people, I know that. But they sure have chosen favorites. And that's lame. And I'm tired of holding on to the anger and frustration. In the words of someone who could have been my lover, "It is what it is." He's right. I have to move past it.

For some reason I am not wearing any pants right now.

You know what fungi is Meg Approved™? Bet you can guess! Oh my god. Dave Matthews is the REAL JESUS.

Let's all just save ourselves. No one else can do it for us! Realizations!


deadcityrebel said...

if i wasn't in a small town community center i would probably be at home. not wearing pants.

Meg said...

I am the real Jesus. 100% organic.