Tuesday, August 25, 2009

time is an accessory

I feel somewhat petty about the yoga comment I made in my last post... That's all I'll say. That I feel a tad petty about it and that I probably didn't need to write it. Anyway, moving on, today has been so incredibly long. But I don't think I have accomplished much. Okay, so I have. And it doesn't really matter if I "accomplish" anything anyway, because hell-- it's the last day of summer 2009. I should have spent it in the laaaaziest way possible and felt ooookay about it. I know why I am so "goal oriented" today and it basically has to do with medication. It's exhausting. I am conflicted in all kinds of ways. But I am going to remain vague about it all. At least for now.

I am stressed out about this upcoming semester. My classes are so spread out and I myself feel so spread out. That's the right phrase, right? Oh wait-- I guess it's "I feel so spread thin." Right? Well anyway, basically I am realizing that the four months of complete and total nothingness will not help me tomorrow when I begin my four months of complete and total everythingness.

But I just got off the phone. And I was talked to in a calming voice with calming reassurance and calming advice. I feel better. I could still use four hundred Xanax, though.

Does anyone have time management advice? Ha. Time. Like it even exists. I should have asked if anyone has man's greatest/worst accessory advice.

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Jennif said...

let's be incredibly busy together. also, if you get any xanax, share it. please.
Can we intentionally hang out tomorrow? You know, like meet up for a vegan friendly lunch or something?