Sunday, August 23, 2009

if you leave me comments, i will make you a vegan dessert and give you a five second hug

Enough with the posts that are just copy/paste quotes from It's time for more list posts that are copy/paste from the bRaIn.

*There are some who think yoga is evil and will do evil things to your body. But I disagree. I disagree so much that I am willing to do yoga for 40 days and 40 nights straight just to spite these people/her.
*SIX days of veganism. I HAVE YET TO FAIL! But when I do fail, I hope I fail because I have been hired to be a food taster for a noble king in some far off land. This king will like his scrambled eggs scrambled and, well, I'm getting paid to make sure he does not consume any poison, so eat those eggs I must. But until that day, I'm stayin' a vegan.
*I miss reading. I miss it so much. I panic when I think of all the books I probably won't get around to reading... Well, until we are all stuck in heaven for eternity and are, like, NOW WHAT. I guess I could get around to a few things in heaven, such as reading every book/pamphlet/People magazine article ever written. Just readin' and bein' one of a million wives to one of a thousand planet making gods.
*Ties are probably uncomfortable for dudes to wear, but they should try wearing a bra every single day-- then that damn tie wouldn't be such a burden.
*I have purchased quite a few relationship books with a Buddhist twist lately. Cool. I really think they are going to be better than any therapy I could get, at least at this point. BUT I think therapy is still a good idea. AND I think this is definitely a topic for a later post, so no more details now.
*Oh damn. I should probably start thinking about what I am going to do after graduating. Most likely grad school. Or maybe I will go live on a ranch somewhere and walk around in my underwear. I can do practically anything!!!... Except for getting a job. Who has a job with only a bachelor's degree? Especially when that degree is in English? No one. Sigh. Oh well. Why would I want to put on a tie/bra everyday and go into a stuffy old office anyway? I will settle for the ranch and underwear any day over the 9 to 5.
*I should be planning out future issues of The V. So I will. See you later, skaters, haters, and manipulators (which none of you are!!! well, some of you may long board on occasion, right?).



Anonymous said...

i'm glad to have indirectly enabled a small portion of this post.

meg, you indirectly enable my heart.

errin julkunen-pedersen said...

i'm so proud of you and your vegan-y ways.

i once decided to get an english degree to become MORE marketable. i'm a bleepword idiot.

the word verification for this comment is "mantag" i don't know what that means, but it sounds pretty gross.