Wednesday, August 5, 2009

if you leave me comments, i will predict your future

So here's the deal, reader of blog-- I want to write a post. I'm just in "one of those moods." But I am also at a loss for interesting things to write about. Yet one man's interesting is another man's boring, just like one man's trash is another man's "authentic vintage" that they sell in a vintage store/hipster's paradise at an incredibly hiked up price. Pay $$$ to look like you have no $$$! And try to look as unique as possible just to end up looking as non-unique as possible because everyone else is dressing in the EXACT SAME authentic bullshit vintage as you are! Why can't we just stop? Why can't we just go back to wearing togas and/or loin cloths and/or fig leaves? Now THOSE items are vintage.

Where was I? Oh yes. Nowhere. But nowhere is somewhere, right? Let's talk beauty myth.

Man. Maybe not. The Beauty Myth is a subject I really do want to talk about, but I think writing about it will take much more effort than I am willing to put forth at this moment. At this moment I just kinda sorta wanna watch Larry David get into trouble on Curb. I also want to read more of Infinite Jest, but I don't know if my brain can handle it. My brain needs to catch its breath. Reading a mere 20 pages of that book is the equivalent of running a marathon. I attribute this analogy to Jack Jared Waters, by the way.

Remember John Bytheway? I think I remember a talk he gave about a down syndrome child picking up a desk in the middle of class and throwing it across the room. But most likely I am remembering incorrectly.

This post went nowhere. But it also went everywhere. WHERE in the world is Carmen San Diego? You tell me, reader of blog. YOU. TELL. ME.


Anonymous said...

today, i am dressed as my friend torben. but most of my clothes came from the regular store.

i like curb, because i think larry is always right.

i like you, because we go on lady dates. but we haven't gone on a lady date in a long time, so we should probably remedy that.

Eleanor said...

I went to a park in Gowanus yesterday, a neighborhood in Brooklyn that, according to Wikipedia, was where the city's first Dutch settlement was located.

These guys came up to my roommate Anh-Tuan and me and asked if we had some "dirty smoke." I looked that up on wikipedia today as well because I didn't know what they were referring to.

Wikipedia doesn't have an entry for "dirty smoke." FYI.

meg said...

I promised those who left comments that I would predicted their future. So here come the predictions...

Errin, for your future I see more Torben-inspired attire. I also see several lady dates with yours truly. For some reason I also see Michael Fritchen in your future. Part of me hopes you will dress like the Frichenator.

Eleanor, I see you finally writing an entry on Wikipedia for "dirty smoke." This Wikipedia page will earn you several awards and a legion of fans, most of those fans being ass-crazy high.

Rachel. said...

Rumor is Carmen San Diego is retired. So I am guessing she is in San Diego. But maybe that is just what she wants us to think.

meg said...

Rachel, in your future I see you finally catching this elusive Carmen. Where, how, and why you will catch her has yet to be decided. But let's just say this catching of Carmen will make international headlines and then be turned into a mediocre TV miniseries on the Lifetime channel.