Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I am distracted by the clouds. Of course I am. I always am. If anyone ever wants to rob me, just show up with some clouds and I'll be totally unaware of you rifling through my drawers, searching for my pearls. Well, guess what, bozo? I don't own any pearls! That's right! Despite the title of this struggling blog, I am not the owner of any fog or of any pearls or of anything of value except for my dignity. I still have my dignity while you are nothing but a lying thief. Thanks for the clouds, though! They are a perfect distraction for my spotless mind.

As I wasn't saying, the clouds are bringing the rain. (The first book I ever read on my own was Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. Reading it was nothing short of a transformative, magical experience. The world -- or maybe another world -- opened up.) It's going to rain any second, I just know it. I don't know it, I suppose, but I feel it. And my feelings are usually just as good as knowledge. I gotta remember that. I always forget my intuition is nearly infallible.

Weather always has a strange effect on my mood. Sometimes on my joints, but mostly on my mood. A lot of people claim this, right? Is it true or just a convenient way to place blame on bizarre behavior and scattered thoughts? Who knows. Someone knows. Maybe that someone is the wind and the answer blew past me. I failed to notice because I was too busy looking down at photos of clouds on my phone. Make a note to be more present, more aware, more disconnected in order to be more connected next time. Noted.

I am headed outside. Of course I am. I am always headed outside. If anyone ever wants to rob me, just show up with the door open wide and I'll totally flee, leaving you to see the pearls that are not there while the fog creeps in to play with your hair.

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