Thursday, November 19, 2015


Goodness, I had a lot of feelings yesterday. Then again, when don't I have a lot of feelings? Oh right, when I am over-prescribed by dumdum doctors. But aside from that, I am a fairly emotional being and sometimes/most times I allow these emotions to rule all of my decisions... That makes for some pretty bad decisions. I end up being a bit of a monster, to myself an others (mostly myself). I know we are made up of light and dark and that both serve a purpose, but I am ready for the light side to come out and play more often.

I won't go into much detail right now, but let me just say (let it be known! hear ye! hear ye!) that the "situation" with the kiddos upstairs has significantly improved. It had been such a huge burden and now it is a huge relief. I am amazed at the power one conversation can have -- and I've been reminded yet again how avoiding things never ever turns out well -- I mean, unless you are avoiding a shark or something. You should probably avoid sharks. And the bird flu. And large birds, especially when they have sharp beaks. It would be best to avoid acquaintances in grocery stores and to avoid grocery stores around 5pm and liquor stores around December 31st and any store that advertises modest being the hottest and stores in general. Except general stores. I like general stores. They are so old timey and quaint. I always half expect to see a horse and carriage out front and maybe even a shoe shiner. Shine my shoes, win my heart.

Anyway, I vow to not be such a passive aggressive shithead who avoids the uncomfortable. Guess what? It will only remain uncomfortable (and usually get much worse) if you remain stagnant and do nothing about whatever it is that you are avoiding. And here's a secret -- most things/people/places are not as bad as you imagine them to be. Congratulations! You have an overactive imagination! It may end up disrupting your life if you let it! Don't let it! Write stories instead of avoiding situations! Make that weird imagination of yours work in your favor.

WORK. I must work now. I must not avoid it. I must untie my horse and head into town. Hope I don't run into any sharks.

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