Friday, November 13, 2015


Here I am, rushing around so that I will have enough time to write before I have to go back to work, but when I sit down to write, I draw a blank. I don't literally draw a blank because I can't draw so well. <--- Not my best joke. Anyway, I do not want to make this blog just a place where I come to complain about roommates, coworkers, construction, and noise. Should I have a theme? Blogs have themes, huh? I tried that out back in my vegan days. You know, a vegan blog. I had pictures and recipes and la-dee-da look at me. Now my blog seems to simply be a dumping ground for my dumpy (and sometimes brilliant) thoughts. And I guess that's alright.

I remind myself and everyone else on a daily basis that I am 31 and old. Old is okay. Crones are old and I love crones. Speaking of crones, I want to buy a cape and a broom and most definitely a black cat. I need to save up some money first. Being an elderly woman, I should know how to budget my money. (Isn't "budget" a dumpy word? It must be the "-dge" sound.) Hmmm. Now I'm figuratively drawing a blank again. Interesting how I have no problem writing when I am complaining or eating a vegan diet. Guess I should grab a block of tofu and start bitching.

Quick mind dump: I want to be a farmer, why are saltines so perfect, I call saltines "salt crackers" and yellow lights "orange lights" and socks "foot puppets," I will be eating soup in less than 20 minutes, it's free soup, it's soup at work, we get free meals, I am using commas incorrectly and it might be driving some of you loonies looney, is using the word "looney" not PC, it's been about a decade since I've had a hard shelled taco, I have to go now, I will write more later, I can't make any promises, I can't budget my money.

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