Wednesday, November 11, 2015

centaur, part 1

Yes, the troll is back. Yes, the construction workers are attempting a peace treaty with said troll. Yes, it looks promising, but as history has shown, anything -- especially the unexpected -- can happen. Maybe I will fall in love with the troll? Maybe my kiss will transform the troll into Tilda Swinton or Jonathan Taylor Thomas and we can jump onto the back of a centaur or whatever and ride of into the sunset/towards Del Taco. Look, they've got a decent bean and cheese for chump change.

So anyway, I am writing this on my phone right now. Like, not ACTUALLY writing directly on my phone screen -- I am typing it in an email to myself because my computer decided at the worst time to be a damn troll and begin an hour-long update. At least an hour. LOOK, this girl doesn't have an hour! In fact, I have less than 9 minutes before I have to hop on my centaur and go back to work. Eight minutes now. Wonderful.

If a slow computer and a magical troll are the only two things I have to worry about, then goshdammit, my life is pretty wonderful. Except I have more things to worry about, which means I will avoid thinking about or dealing with any of them until it gets to the point where it's impossible to not address whatever the issue may be. I will then realize for the millionth time that, "Oh! So it turns out it WASN'T that bad. Huh. Wish I would have dealt with it way earlier." How fun, these self-destructive patterns are. Shrug shoulders. Shrug shoulders forever and ever until I develop neck pain.

Oh cool. My computer is starting right when I have to warm up the centaur. Great timing, Universe! JK, whatever. It is what it is. Footprints in the sand. God don't make no junk. Please wait while your computer updates. Ad infinitum.

Writing a blog post on my phone is sorta tricky. I really wanted to talk about self-compassion and how I'm beginning to like myself way more. But now I have no time! This post took a nosedive from the very beginning. Would you forgive me if I end this with a cute photo of me and then a cute photo of a cat? Thank you. Thank you for your patience, forgiveness, and tips on how to properly wash a centaur. Stay tuned for part 2.

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