Monday, November 11, 2013

eight cold hard facts

I keep trying to get lost in a maze of my own words, so for this post I am just going to tell you some Meg Facts. Just gonna lay it all out there! This ain't no maze, darling. This is a disco. A disco of boring facts.

*When I was young I wanted to live in a trailer park with all of my friends and relatives. We'd each have our own trailer, but we'd get together each evening to have a large barbecue and play kick the can. We might even ride our bikes around the park, wearing funny hats made out of the pages from the morning's newspaper.

*I bite the inside of my mouth raw. Last week when I was driving on the freeway in a SNOW STORM, I was biting my cheeks so hard that they are still sore. I did not even realize I was doing it! My mouth is a disaster.

*When I do not know how to pronounce words, I almost want to cry out of embarrassment.

*I always always always wanted poofy bangs growing up, but my desire was never fulfilled. I did, however, have those thick megabangs that start from the middle of the head. And on the first day of 5th grade I thought it would be a great idea to have NO bangs, so I used almost an entire bottle of gel to slick back my hair. I went to school looking like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, but a John Travolta in a CAT t-shirt, so it somehow all worked out. Cat shirts fix everything.

*I can't stand lined paper. Okay, I can stand it. I just don't prefer it. Huh. Well, that was boring.

*Pink has always been my least favorite color. Green has always been my most favorite color. Some shade of orange is right there in the middle.

Two more facts. Okay. I can do this.

*I said "two more facts" because I wanted to end this post with EIGHT facts. Why eight? Because I might be slightly superstitious/obsessive/autistic. Eight in my mind is GOOD. Everyone in a group of eight people has a partner. And there can be teams! Four against four. Two against two (or one against one) is too much pressure. There is security and comfort and a bit of cushioning in eight. Eight is great!

*I've never really liked donuts, but I LOVE ice cream cake.

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