Saturday, November 30, 2013

a non-floofy survey

I am filling this out at gunpoint. I swear.

26. idol(s)
Writers. Poets. Lovers of language, (wo)man! Is it a sin to have an idol? Or is it a sin to be afraid to let go and idolize away? (Those were not deep questions. Please do not think of or try to answer them.)

27. things i hate
I very much dislike being trapped inside on nice days. I also do not care for the clumps of hair in my shower drain.

28. i'll love you if...
you listen to me.

29. favourite film(s)
Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Graduate, Annie Hall

30. favourite tv show(s)
Breaking Bad, British comedies, Girls

31. 3 random facts
In 4th grade I got into trouble for purposely kicking over a bucket of paste. In 3rd grade I pulled out the chair of a crush right before he sat down, making him fall on the floor and making everyone else laugh at his expense. In 2nd grade I must have done something and learned a few things, but I have no memory of any of it. I honestly can't remember a lick of 2nd grade. BUT! But in 1st grade I had a boyfriend named Trent and we played cars during recess, which just means that he pretended to be a car and I pretended to drive him and fill him up with petrol. Mind out of the gutter, folks.

32. are your friends mainly girls or guys?
They are mainly gender neutral, K?

33. something you want to learn
French, assertiveness, calculus.

34. most embarrassing moment
Probably something to do with farting in front of a crush. I dunno.

35. favourite subject
Cute! Okay, let's pretend like I'm in grade school again. Okay, so. SO. FavoUrite subject. English. English because all of my teachers were failed poets and I probably related to them or something. And books are pretty okay. And science! I like science. Science makes sense!

36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
I want to live simply along a coast, perhaps in a yurt. I want to allow my writing to develop and take me somewhere. Maybe having a PhD would be shit rad.

37. favourite actor/actress
I will watch anything with the divine Tilda Swinton. Oh, and is that John john Malkovich? And could that be Bill Murray? What a flick! I'll pay for a ticket!

38. favourite comedian(s)
Looooooouis Cccccc K. And am I Maria Bamford? In my dreams.

39. favourite sport(s)
It will always be women's softball.

40. favourite memory
I block out every memory, even the favoUrite ones, because memories are vicious. They are the key ingredient to misery. But if I had to choose, I'd say I really dig the memory of writing this post. Such a great survey. Such a great time. Such remarkable memories.

41. relationship status
Single and ready to Munch-n-Mingle at the local singles ward!

42. favourite book(s
Let's get fuggin' serious, okay? Okay. So. Frannie and Zooey. The Brothers K. Something by Alan Watts. Anything by Lorrie Moore. And I'm sure there are more that I have yet to discover. Let me discover them, okay? Stop asking me to hang out! Let me read instead!

43. favourite song ever
Ugh. Probably "Two Step" by Mr. Dave Matthews and his band. Celebrate we will. Because life is short but sweet for certain.

44. age you get mistaken for
17. All of the time. (But what if it was 44? That would be super spooky because this is question number 44 and I forget what else I was going to say and I think it's for the best that I stop this super spooky survey.)

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