Saturday, March 16, 2013

thoughts after a long walk

I lucked out when I met Meg. The Universe brought us together, I am positive. I wonder if she realizes how important her friendship is to me.

My family loves me fiercely. We are not faultless; anyone who thinks their family is faultless is delusional. I am just beginning to understand what "genuine love" might mean and I believe a critical part of my definition includes my family.

It is time for me to reconnect with my spiritual side. Spirituality is very important to me and I have abandoned it for too long.

"Abandonment" might be a recurring theme in this little blog...

Surrender is astounding. To be an individual who constantly surrenders is my ultimate goal.

The picture below is not of Meg and I, but close enough.

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Meg said...

THIS is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am making it my desktop background. It is better than Calvin and Hobbes. And it IS us. Every atom as good as you is as good as me, or something more eloquent along those lines, Walty(er) Whit(ty)man told me so. <3 And in response...I try and know, and I love you, and am grateful for you, and love our seemingly parallel lives and how they are braiding themselves into a beautiful friendship that I cherish. Absolutely. I am happy you are trying to re-embrace your spirituality. It is important. Attending to the mystery is vital. You are wise.