Tuesday, January 20, 2009

smearing pap all over the place

i just got back from a completely spur of the moment pap smear. was that too much to tell in a blog that not very many people (if any) read? no. it's always an odd thing having to make small talk with a man in a white lab coat while his rubber gloved hand is up your cooter. but somebody's gotta do it!

in other news, i plan on doing yoga at least twice a week before school in the mornings with my local musician friend (guess which one!!! there are many local musician friends!!! it's up to you to solve the mystery!!!) and then begin writing a book while he (hint: it's a HE!!!) writes music. i hope to also drink some green tea with prince of peace honey with him after yoga/writing. i wonder if i will be able to do all of these things before 10am? i can, right?

but seriously, get that cold duck beak out of my coochie.

1 comment:

deadcityrebel said...

i'm leaving it in til we finish our damn 'zine