Tuesday, January 27, 2009

characterized by or proceeding from such carelessness: reckless extravagance.

i hope no one knows that i got this idea from facebook. oh crap.

1. i think people think i am much more well read than i actually am.
2. today i wrote a poem about dead vegetables.
3. text messages will be the death of me-- they cause me so much unnecessary anxiety.
4. yet still i send record length texts. i fear they may overwhelm people.
5. i think that almost 100% of the time i feel guilty for the wrong things.
6. i don't really know what color my eyes are.
7. number 6 is kind of a lie.
8. i miss him.
9. no i don't.
10. "labels for this post: e.g. scooters, vacation, fall" = funny.
11. i have a feeling 2009 might be the new 2007. which is a bit frightening.
12. my behavior at home is vastly different from my behavior in public. wouldn't you like to know what i do... you will probably never know, though, because...
13. i have a REALLY hard time being completely myself around people. i think there has only been one person outside of my family with whom i felt comfortable enough around to be authentic meg.
14. do i miss him?
15. i have very very very detailed rituals.
16. i love sexy dreams. so so much.
17. i like my job.
18. i actually DON'T have an eating disorder. psych. dumb psych.
19. i used to hide in my dad's record cabinet when i was little and pretend like i was a jukebox. like i would have my mom or dad or sister drop a quarter into the door of the cabinet and then i would start singing.
20. i have the urge to brush my teeth often, especially after chewing gum.
21. i don't know directions well at all. like simple north east south west directions. embarrassing.
22. i feel like males, whether friends or lovers, will abandon me. issues!
23. i want to go on some wild, reckless, decadent vacation this summer.
24. i try very very hard not to look back because i know it will tear me up inside, but i must be some kind of masochistic person because all i ever do is look back.
25. i sleep completely naked.

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chris almond said...

you pretending to be a juke box is really cute and funny. is the one person you can be yourself around, outside of your family, luke?