Friday, December 5, 2008

woodbury/would berry/waaaaassssup

my job is so weird. but i actually really like it. it is perfect for me- little interaction with people, quiet, time to do homework (lame) or listen to urban dharma the podcast (awesome), free food in the back. oh, and some pretty cool works of art. AND access to the storage room of the mall, which is huge and holds a lot of odd and slightly terrifying decorations. my job reminds me a lot of this book:

peace, brothers.


chris almond said...

I've not read that book. What about it is like yo yo job?

meg said...

this guy works in a weird library. i work in a weird museum. there's more to it than that, but i am too busy right now shaking my buddhi to sexplain. WHOA! totally honest mistake.

alison. said...

i recently bought this book due to this entry and judging it by its cover. god bless.