Wednesday, December 17, 2008

school or enrichment night? is there a difference?

it is the biggest relief to know that tomorrow is my last day of finals and that i will be DONE with the elementary ed program. i know i have given the program a hard time lately... it really is a good program for those who are programmed to be elementary school teachers. the thing is, i'm not programmed for such a thing. i hope i'm not programmed to be anything (except for maybe a lion tamer).

i found out yesterday that i will graduate with an english degree in fall of 2009. finally. and then what do i do after i graduate? great question. maybe learn german. eventually go to grad school. become a nomad. frequently host ladylike tea parties.

yesterday a girl in my class said that the grand canyon was created by heavenly father, not erosion.

24 hours and counting...

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Anonymous said...

tea parties. nomads. german.

germanic nomadic tea parties. kind of sounds like the life i'd like to lead.

(and i'm impressed you made it through that program. i did secondary ed for one semester and every moment was sheer torture.)