Tuesday, December 9, 2008


sunday night i had two pretty awesome dreams. in the first dream, i was living on a boat in hawaii with arthur, chaunte, and laura. arthur had these yellow pills that when swallowed would lead to suffocation. he kept taking them and i kept having to save him. okay, that was boring. but in the second (and coolest) dream, a shit load of politicians came over to my house. just to hang out. who was there? well... barack, hillary, dicky cheney, mccain the maverick, the maverick's wife cindy, mo rocco, steven colbert, a bunch of secret servicemen, and trig palin. okay, so not all of those people are politicians. but that's not the point. the point is that barack and hillary were so chummy and nice to me, dick was a dick, the maverick was a grumpy old gramps with his teeth in a glass, and trig had the largest biceps i have ever seen on a downs baby. or on a baby in general. or on anyone in general. or on a general. i gave them all christmas presents and begged them to stay. well, i begged barack and hillary to stay. dick can go fly a kite.

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