Sunday, August 16, 2015

organic shoulder shrugs

It has been awhile, sweethearts! Okay, just a few days. Okay, and not all of you are sweethearts. Some of you are dreamboats. But NONE of you are shipwrecks. And here are some Sunday evening thoughts:

*Mark Wahlberg has kind of a sexy voice. Shrug shoulders emoticon.

*I cannot wait to go WWOOFing in another country. The only question is -- WHICH MOTHERHUGGING COUNTRY?! I change my mind constantly. But basically I'll go to whichever country accepts me. Estonia? Alright! Albania? You got it! Ethiopia? Maybe! (Note: I had to quickly google each of those places to make sure that they were, in fact, countries. Shrug shoulders emoticon.)

*WHO WILL WWOOF WITH ME? There is one interested person, who happens to be a great friend of mine. So I hope that person really does end up coming along! If not, I would go by myself. Just me, a cat I hide in my carry-on, and the ghost of Brigham Young. SHRUUUUG SHOULDERS.

*I am doing a good job with eating all of the crackers. <--- NOT a racial slur. Or maybe it was? Whatever you decide to think is fine by me. Fine with me. Fine for me. Fine. Fine, I don't understand grammar anymore. FINE.

*It is really hard for me to not shrug-shoulders-emoticon at the end of everything I write/say/think/do. My bane in life.

*I need to watch more critically acclaimed foreign films, worry less about the physical appearance of my body, plant more plants, garden more gardens, crack open the Da Vinci Code, write books, learn languages and social skills.

*I like hanging out with people. I do I do I do. (I'm going to repeat this until it comes true.)

Time for some cracker eatin'. You sweethearts and dreamboats are on my minds more than you know. Keep it real, suckas.