Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Truth serum time.

I wish I could have a healthy relationship. Like, just ONE healthy relationship just so I would know what it would be like. I want to be a girlfriend to someone. I want to be pretend to be domestic while also bringing home bacon while also frying up that bacon while also pretending like I am a fully functioning, bacon frying adult.

Religion is syrup.

Last night the library smelled like syrup. Last night at the library I checked out some atheist books. Last night I syruped myself into a cry-a-thon in my bed. I was so mad at myself that I refused to use a pillow while I fitfully slept. I denied myself the comfort of a pillow because I didn't think I "deserved" it! That's kinda weird and pretty sad.

I want to be a big city gal. But I'm not.

I really do want to try chopping wood sometime. Bet I'd give up after four minutes!

I'm bored with truth serum. And that is the truthiest truth I could have ever told.

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