Monday, October 14, 2013


Okay, floofy writing, you are not allowed to come out tonight. Tonight I'm just gonna give it to you real straight, sweethearts.

Meghan's Brain: A play in 4 acts. Kidding. It's not a play. It's a list. A list of what is on and in and around my mind right now. Around my mind in 80 days: A play in 80 acts.

Brain List

love rap music lately. Mostly 2pac. canibus. and, like, whatever else.

tired of not having a dollar $ign in my name.

deciding to not use capitals or correct punctuation tonight. deal with it.

scared about moving back because i'll be leaving a few certain loves and a few certain freedoms and a few certain opportunities, but overall really super jazzed about taking a break and seeing other certain loves and eating way more meals.

my eating disorder is super out of control lately. kiiiiind of to the point where my heart is doing weird things and i almost fall down stairs. i want to say don't worry, but maybe you should be worried. wait. maybe i should be worried.

i miss cereal.

at this point i have given up on searching for a significant other. i don't really care. it seems too stressful, too. maybe i need to eat bowls of cereal and nurture myself and get healthy once again before i can even entertain the idea of having a healthy relationship with another human being. or animal! kidding, i'm not into bestiality. by the way, that is how you spell "bestiality." i thought it was "beastiality," too. i mean, it makes sense, but apparently it's wrong. i mean, the spelling. and the act. the act of it is wrong as well. ugh. anyway.

i can't help but replay past decisions over and over and over and over and over and over and over again in my head. it keeps me up until 3am every single night.

aaaand i'm just gonna ignore him. easy as that. i want to get to the point where i want to wish him well, though. how will i achieve this? through the "grace of god"? what does that mean?

my brain is tired now. time to listen to a little "california love," thugs.

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