Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Saying a goodbye leaves the ball in the Universe's court. Saying a goodbye means that it's up to the Universe/Fate/God to introduce you to a hello. Even if we can't vocally say the word, the hello will still be there. Language is limited; rebirths are eternal.

The space you occupy is not made up of walls. The space you occupy is made up of people who annoy and frustrate and perhaps even contemplate your demise. You can't escape the imperfection of humans, the way they cough the way they choose the most obnoxious shopping cart the way they block the aisle the way they procreate even though they shouldn't. You can't escape what triggers you the most, so maybe it's time to unload and put away the gun. Maybe it's time to resign your membership to the Everyone Sucks club. Maybe it's time to pay attention to the birds by the side of the on-ramp. Maybe it's really not about us.

I'll say goodbye, maybe even good luck, and then await the wall-less future. Take your time being my greatest teacher because I have a lot left to learn.

Birds begin to fly while still in the nest.


Marek O. said...

I love watching the beautiful fucking pigeons by the on-ramp. There's this one anomalous one that's brown and beige, surrounded by the purple and grey ones. I like that one a lot. I am always happy to see them there. The way they shit on all the passing cars. The way they live in a seemingly inhospitable place and somehow call it a fine home.

meg said...

Exactly! Pigeons are fucking incredible. People try to dismiss them as "rats with wings," and I want to say, "yes, isn't that amazing?"

Marek O. said...

Meg, you are damn fucking right it's amazing!
I hear people complain about the pigeons sometimes and I can't understand it. I don't give a fuck if they supposedly "spread disease" or whatever, just look at those lovely creatures reclaiming the land! Turning the cold concrete curse into a delightful nest!