Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Does depression cause grumpiness? Is that a symptom? "Irritability," right? I am currently grumpy for most of my day and it has gotten to the point where it is now disturbing aside from simply annoying. I am frustrated with myself and my bad attitude. The frustration just leads to more negativity, though. What's to be done? This is a serious question and if you have any insights, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. I promise to not have a bad attitude towards any comments, by the way... I mean, as long as your comment doesn't say something along the lines of, "You suck, mothersucker! Go suck on some rocks! Go fly a kite!" The last exclamation is actually kind of a good idea. I would love nothing more than to fly a kite, but where's the wind? Plus, Grumpy Meg would be sure to be struck by lightning. So much for my kite.

Did you know that the definition for "lightning" is "a massive electrostatic discharge"? I am sure you already knew that because you are intelligent and you are also a weather forecaster by night and you are also a fan of any definition that so appropriately uses the word "discharge." Good for you! So what I am trying to say is that I just wasted my time typing up a definition you already knew. No backspace key on this keyboard, folks! What has been typed has been typed and there is no turning back.

Let's talk more about the idea of turning back. I have already made a couple of huge "mistakes" this weekend. Would I turn back the hands of Grandfather Time and do anything differently? In some ways no, in other ways yes. No because I ain't messing with time because we all know what happens when we mess with time: We end up with three tongues and five more Holocausts or something. Yes because I think I unintentionally broke a heart this weekend and I could have prevented it from happening. Well, the broken heart would have still happened, but it could have been swept up gently and recycled rather than left there on the ground in shards. No turning back now, though. No backspace key. And please, no more Holocausts.

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