Monday, February 4, 2013

sappy hippie

I now present to you my most recent status update on Facebook. (This is terrifying! Facebook and Blogger are meeting for the first time! The world will explode and implode at the exact same time, which means the world will either remain exactly the same or be completely erased from history.)

Meg's most recent status update: Sappy hippie status update up ahead: I only want to put out positive vibes into this world. I'll begin by being nice to myself and I'll end with creating universes! Universes without end! Universes populated with groovy aliens and Larry David lookalikes. This update took a weird turn.

The reason why I get so so so sad is because I have seen how how how happy I can be. I suppose that's the effing universe balancing itself out, right? Or maybe that's just bipolar disorder. Yes, so I have a suspicion that I am some form of bipolar. ("I am bipolar"? Does it now define me?) Then again, I have thought I have had almost every psychiatric disorder at some point in my life. I do not care to dive into a discussion right now about mental health, though. So what do I want to discuss?

Nothing. I wish to discuss nothing. I shut down the computer and eat fried chicken. Okay, not fried chicken. But something. And no, I don't want to shut down my computer. I really desire to eat in front of it while watching YouTube clips of Beyonce. Also, I want to be gentle with myself tonight. Can I do it? Can I just experiment with self-love and see what happens?

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Meg said...

bipolar II has a very different look than bipolar I. I can't even believe they are both called bipolar. Can't we just stick to manic-depressive? That seems more descriptively accurate. ps. I love you.