Tuesday, August 16, 2011

this summer

I have to constantly remind myself that my posts should be more than Velvet Underground lyrics and Lorrie Moore quotes. But it's hard. It's really hard. They sing/write what I think and so much better!

But oh well. I'll do what I can with the words that I have. And now for a list:

What I Have Learned So Far This Summer

1. To properly cut cabbage, I must not allow the knife to stab me in the stomach.
2. Smoothies cost waaay too much money.
3. Most people are bad tippers; a few people are incredibly generous tippers.
4. Opening up to and trusting people doesn't stop them from saying and doing cruel things to me.
5. Opening up to and trusting me won't stop me (but it should) from saying and doing cruel thing, mostly unintentional and almost always when my heart has been broken in some way.
6. Moe's is an awful bar.
7. I will always change my mind when it comes to location.
8. Best friends will remain best friends even when (temporarily) deserted.
9. I probably shouldn't ever, ever, ever cut my hair again.
10. Doing what I want to do is actually a really great way to live.

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Meg said...

I cannot wait until you write a book. Not to pressure you or anything, but, your voice is so strong and honest. I am always blown sufficiently out and away.