Sunday, August 28, 2011

duh mmm

dumb dumb dum dum ho hum what's done is done.

do you think the universe is trying to tell me not to do certain things? to do other things? do you think it is dumb when people speak of the universe as this massive entity that has a role to play in our lives? aren't we just a dumb speck in space? do i fall back into nihilism or do i fall back into bed? perhaps once i'd like to fall back into a room full of gold coins and swim around in it like scrooge mcduck. too bad i swim like a dumb rock. (note: the earth is a rock - the earth is also mostly water - does this mean i swim like the earth in its own water? take note - i've always been a dumb note taker.)

point taken.

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Meg said...

we are, as ash says (changing from another quote whom i forgot the origins)...we are dirt contemplating itself. Dirt is magic. We are magic. But we are also dirt. :)