Monday, May 30, 2011


I sat down in front of the computer with the best intentions. I WILL write a deeply poetic blog post! I WILL write profound and possibly prophetic prose! I WILL continue to use alliteration! I drew a blank, though. And then I sorta kinda totally popped a zit on my chin and it started bleeding. Pretty! Smart. Pretty smart! (Not to be confused with "pretty Elizabeth Smart," whom I think is less pretty and more vacant-eyed... Will typing that get me into trouble? So be it!)

And so anyway, here I sit on Memorial Day night (confusing!) looking my absolute best. Here is a picture of me with a teeny piece of tissue covering my irritated blemish:

And here is a picture of me pretending that it is awesome that I have a teeny piece of tissue covering up a popped pimple:

Hey, fake it 'till ya make it.

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