Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If there's one thing I get incredibly frustrated with it is guilt (and getting incredibly frustrated... Would getting frustrated over frustration just cancel out said frustration?).

Everybody close to me has a serious case of the guilt... uh... bug. Yeah. The "guilt bug." In other less cutesy words, everyone I know seems to feel a lot of guilt a lot of the time. AAAND it is frustrating. It is frustrating because they need not feel guilty for about 98% of the things for which they feel guilty.

But maybe I should stop talking (well, blogging) about other people's guilt issues and start talking about myself and my own guilt issues instead.

I never, ever feel guilty. It's not an issue for me at all. In fact, I could murder a man in Memphis and not feel one iota of guilt. PSSSSYYYYCH you all so hard. So hard. So so so so so hard. If the World gave out an award for the Person Who Feels The Most Unnecessary Guilt, that award would go to me. And I would accept my award, making sure I thank all the little people (such as those weird third world countries that no one knows of/cares about, but voted for me anyway), but inevitably I would forget to thank this country or that country and then I would end up feeling guilty, thus proving the validity of my award.

Did I mention I also get carried away with odd jokes and can be confusing? But this post isn't about confusion. I don't think. Maybe it's about second-guessing oneself? Who knows. Not me! Or do I? Anyway, something about guilt. Oh yes.

If only I felt a sense of shame/guilt for the things that genuinely deserve those feelings and considerably less guilt for the shiz (that is Mormon talk for "shit") that just plain does not matter (see: eating a dessert every once in awhile or, gasp, missing a day or two of working out DUE TO A LOST TOENAIL). Gee whiz good golly holy fucking shiz. I sure don't give myself a break, now do I?

PS: My next post may include ways in which you and I and everyone in the world (including those weirdo third worlders) can feel less and less guilty and more and more super damn awesome.

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Meg said...

I honestly and truly believe this is my number one issue I have with the church. The HUGE guilt complex it creates. I'm still working on mine, but I've made a huge conscious decision over the past year to let go of guilt whenever it bubbled up and crushed me in its fingers, and it's gotten better.