Wednesday, March 9, 2011

self(ish) love

There is a fine balance between the "bad" selfishness and the "good" selfishness. I think. And sometimes it is hard to tell which actions are the bad/good kind of selfishness. But if I quiet down my over-thinking mind (whatever that means), I will realize that I need to be outrageously selfish. I will always offend somebody with my actions/decisions/words, but if I am doing what I want with a pure heart (whatever that means) and no malicious intentions, then I should be okay (whatever that means). I have, for far too long, been my own worst enemy and it's getting pretty old. It's time for me to be my, yes, own best friend. And that starts with singing in French on Saturday and not worrying so much about it - and eating pizza perhaps everyday if possible and not worrying so much about it. And basically just not worrying. Give me a break already, Meghan! Okay, sure.


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Meg said...

precisely! (self-interest is NOT selfish)!!! If you don't look out for you, who will? It shouldn't be anyone else's responsibility! You are in a long term committed relationship with yourself, you are the love of your own life. (These are things I used to say to myself to break my codependent cycles and counsel myself through divorce). <3 you