Tuesday, September 1, 2009

genuine questions in post and genuine question in post title: will you answer my genuine questions?

As a nearly shameless fan of cliches, I will throw this one out there: Forgive and forget. Well, for me it's forgive mostly and have one hell of a hard time forgetting. I can't forget what happened, as much as I pretend to all day long. But then night cuts like a knife (is this a cliche? does this make sense? i am pretty much just sleep blogging, like sleep walking, but with blogs.) and I remember every shitty thing that has happened. How does one stop being so passive? How can I remember myself?

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errin julkunen-pedersen said...

you can be mean. or you can just walk away. shall i quote you some ben harper lyrics? because i'm the kind of girl who listens to ben harper, and i don't even pretend that i'm too cool to be associated w/ the other kind of d-bags that like him.

in snippets: "with so many people to love in my life, why do i worry about one?"
"it's so hard to do, but so easy to say, sometimes, you just have to walk away".

I feel like a real asshole hippie for having written that, but guess what? i don't care if people think I'm an asshole hippie, because I kind of am...

seriously? it's hard to let go. but remember that you are amazing. damn the man.