Thursday, September 3, 2009

play pitch number one

The Primary Treatment

Two androgynous people are sitting at a bare table with empty glasses. Surrounding them are television sets turned off. The couple begins a linear conversation with one another. The televisions slowly turn on and static appears. The conversation becomes more and more nonlinear as the white noise gets louder and louder. Throughout the commotion, a bizarre multitude of characters join the scene and a variety of equally bizarre situations occur. The noise gets to the point where no one can be heard or practically seen. Then there is a flash of white, the televisions switch to testing patterns, everything quiets down, the excess characters disappear, and the two androgynous people are now wearing robes, drinking wine, and eating fish. Their conversation is a repeat of what they were talking about in the very beginning, but everything is said backwards. At the end of the play, the characters sit underneath the table and the televisions switch to video of the audience that was secretly filmed during the play. The audience will sit and watch themselves for the next ten minutes while baggies of fish food are passed out to everyone.

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