Thursday, September 10, 2009

oh, and i've seen a few bison. they really don't care about us.

I've been in Wyoming, okay?

Anyway, I could be telling you all about my trip so far. About the hikes, the SIXTEEN mile bike ride (which was just a breeze, by the way), the uninteresting moose, the vegan food (uh... other blog...), the secret desire to buy multiple cowboy hats... I COULD be telling you all about this-- and I guess I just did-- or I could be giving you a painfully (pun genuinely not intended) dramatic metaphor about a wisdom tooth that is infected adn needs to be taken care of because the longer I wait to deal with it, the more infected it will become and the more I will have to rely on pain pills/distraction.

Whatever. I'm tired. I have to be at least three cups of coffee in to really sink my teeth into metaphors.

See you in two days.

Until then...


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