Monday, July 27, 2009

should be writing an article on banned books, but instead i am googling "alligator wearing sunglasses"

And here we go-- another list blog post. I started writing full sentences and even PARAGRAPHS, but then I decided to delete it all and just write what I am comfortable with, which is lists and erotic poetry. Joking about the erotic poetry, but maybe one day it will be less of a joke and more of a career move???

*the fairly entertaining trip down memory lane turned out to be more emotionally damaging than entertaining, but... "fuck" it. i can't let the past continue to dictate my present.
*tattoos. cool. but now i am wondering if i will ever get one? i either want a lot of tattoos or none. all the way or none of the way. lately, for some odd reason, i have been none of the way.
*why have i been none of the way? i have been playing around with the idea that i want to be fairly generic looking. not in a bad way. not in a good way. just in a way. very plain. plain clothes, neutral colors, no patterns. no jewelry. pale skin. perhaps kind of an androgynous feel?
*i sure feel stupid admitting all of this.
*i am neglecting my article. i should stop blogging about very insignificant things.
*but first i want to say that i have a sick feeling in my heart about someone(s) who may have stolen something. i say "may" because it could very well (and hopefully so) be untrue. rightful action, people. don't take things that aren't yours.
*and one final note: i can be quite the hypocrite. and i don't like that. something (me) needs to change (for the better).
*boring post.
*my apologies.
*also, i need to stop apologizing all the "GOSHDAMN" time.


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Elder Roxas said...

Those are some sweet sunglasses, though.