Wednesday, July 1, 2009

shorter entry, coming next! with pictures! and uplifting words! don't read this post below! read the one above!

Writer's block is by far one of the most annoying things to happen... ever? to me? when I'm trying to finish this very sentence? Man. Everything I've written lately has been severely subpar.

Very unimportant things that are currently bothering me:

*I hate my profile. As in my actual profile, not my Facebook profile. Although sometimes I hate that profile as well. But right now I like it. But I don't like my actual profile. Did I mention I don't like my profile? God. It doesn't matter.

*I don't know why I am an editor. I think I enjoy being an editor, but I really feel inadequate.

*Eff you, ADHD.

*I miss communicating clearly with others. I constantly feel (cue emo music) misunderstood.

*I am all Buddhist talk and no Buddhist walk. Ridiculous.

*Medication scares the bejesus and bebuddha out of me. I really think it changes personalities. It makes people less playful, more robotic.


I have to do this now... Things that are not bothering me and actually make me quite relaxed and happy:


*The library.


*Days off. (And although I do not currently work or go to school, I don't often have days off. Off of what, then? Oh, I know, I know. I'll save it for my lock and key journal.)

Cryptic post? I don't want it to be. I am going to copy and paste this and then put it into a word document and then print it off and then crumple it up and then stuff it in my mouth and then realize I hate the taste of computer paper so I take it out of my mouth and uncrumple it and fold it into the shape of a swan and then hitchhike out to the Great Salt Lake and release my paper swan into the lake only to realize that it is a crane and that it won't float.

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keep em coming kid