Thursday, June 4, 2009

your turn

Time for another list post:
*I've spent far too much time in front of the computer these past few days. My brain is applesauce.
*My dreams lately have been relatively controversial. And they leave me in a confused state of mind for the rest of the day.
*I used to think everyone was older than me. And usually they were. But now I feel old. Everyone seems so young and silly.
*This list is yaaaawn. But if you knew what I dreamt about, you would be on the edge of your seat. You'd be sweating bullets. You'd be crying. You'd be sighing. You'd be as confused as I am.
*I'm not that confused, actually.
*This is confusing because I am being so vague.
*A little mystery never hurt anyone. UNLESS THAT MYSTERY IS THE DA VINCI CODE!!! (I'm pleased that Da Vinci Code jokes are back in vogue. I am a little saddened that swine flu jokes are now passé.)
*Grocery shopping. Tomorrow. Will buy healthy food. Will make a meal. Jack and I shall not starve.
*When you take your pill
it’s like a mine disaster.
I think of all the people
lost inside of you.
*I have people lost inside of me. Most definitely.
*And then I wake up.

I like my new hair.

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trevor huish said...

with his hat on
he's about five inches taller
than a taxicab.