Saturday, June 20, 2009

thoughts on a saturday

*i have good friends.
*i wish i didn't have a panic attack yesterday in the newsroom because i should have stayed longer. i apologize, jennie.
*comedy: it's what unites! oh, and divides. that letterman/palin thing is a joke in and of itself.
*"in and of itself"... did i use that phrase correctly?
*i want to read thomas pynchon.
*i met matthew holland yesterday. he joked with me about shootin' hoops.
*meeting matthew holland yesterday was like meeting the bishop.
*i hope najib is feeling better.
*why does jack's throat hurt???
*today's "lunch" could have been a good idea or a very, very bad idea.
*is it possible to not think enough but at the same time think too much?
*i need buddha again.
*buddha would not want me to want him.
*this is why i want him.
*remind me to buy toilet paper today.
*my hair is ugly lately.
*i can't decide if i am j.crew or tattoos.
*i really do have great people in my life.
*and i love you.


errin julkunen-pedersen said...

i like being j.too or tacrew. one need not be one or the other.

Jennif said...

no need to apologize. I had a panic attack before I got to the newsroom. It must have been one of those days...i like you.