Sunday, June 28, 2009


You know how sometimes you will go to a party and a girl will come up to you and tell you that she is friends with so-and-so and that this particular so-and-so said really good things about you and that you are really funny and that she should be friends with you? And then you learn that so-and-so had the swine flu? And then for about four or less seconds you experience a montage of your friendship with so-and-so and remember that you and so-and-so were best friends at one point? But now you don't even have so-and-so's number nor do you even feel that concerned that so-and-so had the swine flu. well, i mean, you're concerned, but you're not rushing out to buy any "get well" mylar balloons. And then a day later you blog about this brief and relatively insignificant blast from the past and wonder why you did so. Perhaps you wanted to talk about how quickly things can change, how rapidly people come and go in your life (in everyone's life, really), how you wonder how long your current so-and-sos will be around, how to not get the H1N1 virus... You want to talk about all of these things, but find that you presently do not have the energy nor the desire, frankly, to delve into these so often discussed topics. You would rather get into bed. You would rather read Eastern philosophy (always the cure for your moments of distress and/or friendship breakups with so-and-so and so-and-so ad infinitum). You would rather not look back, you would rather not look forward. You are looking now. You are happy with your now so-and-so. Now is good. No, now is not good. Now is not bad. Now is now is now is now ad infinitum.

Next post: My recent obsession with using the phrase "ad infinitum." And also my obsession with getting rid of obsessions.

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