Monday, June 22, 2009

there is a lot of love to go around, so i will say it one more time: i love you.

I have about 13 minutes to write this post, so maybe I shouldn't even be writing it in the first place... But man, I just want to WRITE. Quick-- I need something to write about. Something that will result in a witty, perhaps charming, intriguing, sexy, hilarious, heartbreaking, intellectually stimulating, visually breathtaking, sincere, and honest post.

NO! I will NOT write about anxiety!

NO! I will NOT write about depression!

NO! I will NOT write about eating disorders!

YES! I will write about how indoor lighting can drive me crazy when it's still sunny outside.

I will write about my tendency to bite my lips, crack my fingertips, and occasionally wink to make sure my right/left eye isn't failing me.

10 minutes left!!!

I will write about the lady that followed me TWICE into the bathroom today at Borders. Was she really following me? Or am I just paranoid?

I will write about how I am paranoid.

I will write about how money doesn't talk, it swears. It's obscene. It's a myth. It's not worth worrying about. So please, don't.

I will write about Woody Allen's absurdity and how it makes me both laugh out loud and want to take a nap (to rest my brain).

I will write about how I just Googled "out loud" to make sure it was two words.

I will write about how much I love the TV show Felicity. I love it so much. If anyone is up for it, I would love to have a Felicity marathon. I would love it so much.

5 minutes! I think!

I will write about my ever increasing love for flannel shirts.

I will write about my new found love for rap. RAP.

I will stop writing so I can go home and take some kava to calm me down. Wait! I wasn't supposed to write about anxiety. But I did. And there is no backspace on this keyboard. Just kidding, of course there's a backspace.

But is there a backspace in you MiNd?!?!?!?

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