Thursday, April 23, 2009

tip my cup

Who here is terrified to even begin to think about writing their finals for Modern American Lit. and Beat? Me. Papers scare the dickens out of me. You guys... I just said the word "dick". I am so embarrassed. Shit! I just said the word "ass"!

Here's something that will be stupid to explain, but I'm going to anyway. So I think you are technically supposed to put the punctuation inside of the parenthesis above (unless there had been a question mark), but I don't think that makes sense. I started to explain why it doesn't make sense, but then I deleted it because it was sooo boring, but if you are on the edge of your seat wanting to know why I refuse to follow the rules on this one, fax me. Otherwise, I'll just leave you hangin'.

I am a human Mad Lib. As simple (and as complicated) as that. My dear Jack said that we are all Mad Libs, which I thought was so perfect. We fill in the blanks all the time. I fill in the blanks constantly. It's pretty much what I do best (aside from avoiding writing papers). And filling in the blanks without any previous knowledge gets me into trouble! Remember the movie Double Trouble with The Barbarian Brothers? Cool. Anyway, I am working hard at being less fill in the blank and more fill in the cat:

Let's talk more about The Barbarian Brothers. Just kidding.

Today while driving to work, I realized that I tend to give strangers nicknames that are both stupid and a little bit rude. For example, I saw some dude with dumb sneakers and I just called him "Shoes". A chick with a dumb cowboy hat on became "Hat". Then there was the douche wearing a douchey V-neck who was known as "V-neck Douche". I wonder what I would call myself if I wasn't myself and saw myself (who's not really myself) walking down the street... I would probably call myself "Mad Lib" or "theoretical physicist". But that's just filling in the blank.

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