Sunday, April 5, 2009

"the master's gone alone herb-picking somewhere on the mount, cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown."

I slept until noon today, which is quite late for me. Of course, I didn't fall asleep until 5am, so sleeping in wasn't actually sleeping in. Anyway, having a late start to my day has thrown me off a bit and I think it has made me somewhat anxious. I am feeling better now, though. I think a lot of it has to do with going for a walk and then sitting in a park while reading Alan Watts. God bless that Mr. Watts. No matter what I read of his, it is always enlightening and it always excites me. I want to buy everyone in the world a Watts book. It is my mission. I will go door to door and spread the word. I will tell people that I am a special witness of Alan Watts and that I have an important message to share with those who will open their minds and be.

One particular line that stood out to me when I was reading Watts today (I read from his book Cloud-Hidden Whereabouts Unknown: A Mountain Journal) was, "If ever I have to get away from it all... there is simply nothing better than to climb out onto a rock, and sit for hours with nothing in sight but sea and sky." For those (Jack) who know what happened in Moab, this line is even more beautiful. To put it simply, I agree. This is exactly what I do/would want to do if ever I have to get away from it all... Or if ever I have to be with it all. Be. Be be be be be.

While sitting in the park, a black dog happily ran up to me and nearly jumped into my lap. Then it happily ran off. That dog is so much wiser than I am.

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