Thursday, April 16, 2009

give me an apple and i'll give you a blossom

I don't know if what I write on this blog really matters... At all. I don't really talk about anything of "importance" or give any sage advice. I usually tend to just make trite lists or throw out a few one liners. But maybe when you have nothing to say, that's when you have everything to say. Hey! I DO give sage advice!

Remember the foot of snow we got last night? Now imagine Cathy (from the beloved comic strip) with her wide eyes and her aggravated "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" This is how I feel about the whole snow situation. I know I know I know I know I know I know-- griping about the weather is so overdone. Well you know what else is overdone? Uh... Your mom?

Do you, masked readers, ever worry about being overbearing? Because I do. Constantly. But at the same time, I worry about being too distant from friends and loved ones. Not completely opening up, being honest, etc. Do I latch on or am I a loner? Loner or latcher? Gemini or Taurus? I can answer that last one-- I am a Gemini. Which means I am probably both a loner and a latcher. It also means that Mary-Kate and Ashley and I share the same sign. HoLLa to your mother!!!

I feel very insecure about this post.

It is full of words I do not know if I used "correctly." And it references Cathy. I feel naked.


Chris said...

blogging = mediated schizophrenia

Every thought that I immediately want to verbalize I wait until I'm in front of a keyboard. If I did, I'd be a crazy person for talking to myself, however, if I wait until I blog, its okay. It's essentially the same function for me. Everything I write on my blog I want to immediately and spontaneously start discussing regardless of time/space.

You third paragraph seems to be addressing Intimacy vs Isolation. Eventually in human development, we come to a point in which we establish relationships with people or close up.

Look what I did here, I turned your comment section into my blog.

Jennif said...

This is probably my favorite entry of yours. Stop being distant and hug me already.