Monday, April 20, 2009

finals? more like week long caffeine binge.

So we all know that I love writing. But when what I am writing will be marked up with a red pen, pointing out all of the places I am wrong, and when what I am writing will ultimately determine the rest of my life, I freeze up a bit. I get extremely stressed out. I eat a lot of cereal. I spend hours on one page. I take Facebook quizzes. I update my Twitter. I create a blog post. I send texts. I do anything I possibly can to distract myself from what I initially loved doing. Maybe if the pen wasn't red. Maybe if instead of grades, professors gave emoticons. Maybe if we could turn in blogs instead of scholarly papers. Maybe if all of these things happened, I would be less terrified.

But until then, I am terrified.

I am also terrified about a bunch of other (and more serious) things. But I can worry about and obsessively eat cereal over those things after finals.

Who here is, like, sooo bored that they wouldn't mind writing a ten page paper about, you know, Modern American Literature and shit? Because if you don't mind doing this for me, give me a call or fax me. I'll be waiting.

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