Friday, April 3, 2009

let's all hold hands and tell each other it will be okay and then let's go out to get something to eat, like a hamburger minus the ham and burger

Lately I have had extreme difficulties in expressing myself. The words that come out of my mouth don't sound like me at all. I dance around the subject, I don't even know what the subject is, I trail off, I speak far too abstractly... What is it that I am trying to get at? Why do I no longer write at night (blog doesn't count)? Why do I just want to keep sleeping? The last question can be answered easily and non-poetically: because I am tired and sleep is awesome. Anyway. Here are a few things that help keep me feeling okay. Nature. Buddhism. Tea. Books. Sleep. Sundays. Quiet. Jacket.

I need to get rid of the rug and the broom and start confronting myself.

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