Sunday, October 12, 2008


sometimes at night i fantasize about eating all sorts of "sinful" foods.

i have deep dark secrets that are pretty dark, but not too deep and not too secret. chris pretty much knows all of my secrets. every last one of them. almost.

i am elusive. or so i've been told. i think i am just more of a homebody. and i just don't really care to make much of an effort to be social. and then there's the anxiety part. and the "i have to stick to my routine" part.

i have recurring dreams of amusement parks. the parks are always closed, i am inside, there are huge, terrifying rides, and i ride them all.

i am scared of losing myself again.


kahea said...

Christian Slater 1989 or Christian Slater now? I think he's forming a new indie rock band with Fred Savage and Jenny Lewis.

mrs. everything said...

come visit me. I miss you too meggie! I am sorry I haven't written to you. I can explain- via text or phone. I probably will. I thought you were mad at me maybe. Silly huh?

mrs. everything said...

p.s. I love you

Alison said...

i love you.