Wednesday, October 15, 2008


sooo... in my technology in the classroom class, we have to make a movie on the computer. my partner and i have to do a movie on how wonderful terrific boot in the ass awesome the pledge of allegiance is. needless to say, this assignment is going to kill me (if george above doesn't kill me first). my partner found that picture above- you know, the one of georgie pie patriotically pledging his allegiance to his christian flag waving proud n' free in the background while tanks n' guns n' jets n' stuff kill n' blow up n' slaughter n' junk lots o' peoplez. git-r-done, w. git-r-done. and of course my partner LOVED it. and then my teacher saw the picture and of course she LOVED it. she thought it was "way cool". weird, because although i usually see blind patriotism as "way cool", for some reason this picture just doesn't sit well with me... hmmm. maybe i need to listen to lee greenwood's "god bless the usa" on repeat while hunting wolves from a helicopter in order to get back into the spirit of all things patriotic.

maybe at the end of the movie i can have a majestic bald eagle crash through the screen. you know, kind of like jumping out of a birthday cake. and what is that birthday cake made out of? red, white, and wolf meat. naturally.

i feel funny inside.


isaac isak icekick said...

actually I liked that picture , in the way that it immediately makes you question why Bush looks like he has been lifting weights. No one could have sincerely made that picture in support of W. could they? It obviously is a negative anti religion, corrupt war hungry type picture right? Or does this kind of image resonate with those that shoot wolves from helicopters?

chris almond said...

that is very funny your teacher loved it, cause i am with isaac, i am pretty much positive the picture was made as a joke. notice his cuff links, $$$. and the dead iraqi's in the foreground.
so, that your teacher loves it is great. that she loves the image of a man wearing gold $ cuff links standing in front of a pile of dead bodies is lol. but actually rofg.
man, i fell asleep about four in the afternoon. now it is about 3:00. what should i do?

meg said...

i never even noticed the dollar sign cuff links, but now that i do, i am starting to think that it a joke picture (well, it is a joke whether or not it is a "joke"). but the cuff links are so subtle! and maybe some git-r-done bush lover would look at the cuff links and not even think twice about how arrogant one would be in order to have $$$ as cuff links. man, i don't even know what i am typing anymore. i am so tired. so lol tired.

chris almond said...

now you see them, now you don't (what if when you looked back and they were gone? cause i hacked them away?)