Tuesday, October 21, 2008

jake might like this

my dad snail mailed me a bunch of information on INFPs today (a myers-briggs type- Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) because i recently took the myers-briggs test and it told me i was an INFP (duh/no duh). my dad was really excited because he too is an INFP. like father, like daughter, like helen keller (who was ALSO an INFP!!! also, no duh).

INFPs are... full of enthusiasms and loyalties, but seldom talk of those until they know you well. care about learning, ideas, language, and independent projects of their own. tend to undertake too much, then somehow get it done. friendly, but often too absorbed in what they are doing to be sociable. little concerned with possessions or physical surroundings.

the number one most popular occupation for INFPs is fine artist. number fifty (on a list of fifty most popular) is roman catholic priest, which, let's be honest, should be number one.

oh yes, and drinking three cups of coffee a day will make your breasts smaller.


chris almond said...

honk honk

Jake said...

Honk Honk? That's all, for as much as I like this post?! I really like it :-) Infp's rock - duh duh duh!

mrs. everything said...

I am an ENFP

isaac isak icekick said...

I personally despise these kind of assessments of personalities , well not despise, i just can't help being smug about personality tests and roll my eyes when they approach me. WHy? Why am I like that? why would that bother me? hmmm. interesting. pysche.
i recently noticed I am strongly empathetic but seldom sympathetic and almost always pathetic.

trevor huish said...

i too am one of these INFPs...duh?