Friday, October 31, 2008

happy boo-thday!

for halloween i think i shall dress up as jessica tandy in driving miss daisy. or perhaps i will dress up as morgan freeman portraying miss daisy's driver. but i will NOT dress up as dan aykroyd.

why did the vampire subscribe to the new york times?
because he heard it had great circulation! and he also really likes maureen dowd.


isaac isak icekick said...

have you ever seen that movie? I haven't . Im trying to imagine a message or moral that it might portray. Like some rich white bitch takes her racism for granted and then comes to see her servant as a human right before she dies. Finally before her last breath she quits being a bigot? Oh and did you see "Be kind ,Rewind " ..funny when they try to remake this masterpiece.

OH and here is how are band will work, I will record teh music part and then send you email it to you , then you work out the lyrics and the vocal melody . then you can come up here and record those parts, then we will just gaze at our shoes.

mrs. everything said...

who did you end up dressing up as?