Thursday, May 24, 2012


let's just get this out of the way: i will not be capitalizing my letters very much anymore because i am responsible and eat (a lot) of food at my computer and a crumb has found its sneaky little way underneath my shift key and it makes it hard to press shift and my life is sooo hard and help and i bet kids in africa don't have to deal with crumbs under shift keys because lol they don't have computers or shoes. :( this morning i went to the gas station to fill up on caffeine and i saw the cuuuutest black guy. confession! i am very much attracted to black men! he was with his papa (or uncle? or older friend? or maybe they didn't even know each other, but there was another black man with a cane in the gas station and i just figured, "duh, they're related.") and they bought gatorades and they were clearly not from orem and i am just assuming because they were not white and i don't know why i am saying all of this because why does it matter and why does anything matter? because it just does. anyway, i bet i was not this man's type. at all. i look like a little messy boy in a weird floral print mumu. but that's okay. a girl/li'l boy can have fantasies, can't she/he? i've been doing a lot of assuming so far in this post! good job, me! caffeine doesn't seem to help me write anymore. no liquid does. buuuuummmmmer because i do like my liquids. so maybe i'll just sign off right now. maybe i'll go sit outside. maybe i'll do something "creative" aside from writing. maybe the writing part of my brain needs a gawddamn rest. let me get lost in the jungle of my mind. what does that mean?!

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