Friday, May 11, 2012

go marry a horse

I have a sudden desire to write, but this might not last long, pretty people! So let me hurry and get it out. C'mon, fingers! Move quicker! At least I don't have to write by hand anymore, right? Sheesh, we were so old fashioned as kids. You know, just not-owning-computers-and-riding-around-on-horses-and-marrying-horses-and-ruining-the-sanctity-of-marriage. Yeah, super old fashioned nut jobs with jobs as nut farmers on a factory, not a farm, because farms are old fashioned and we are up to speed now with technology.

Thus why I am typing this.

So what do you wanna talk about? Oh yeah, this isn't really a conversation, is it? I mean, it kind of is if you leave comments and I ever get around to replying to said comments (I'm horrible at remembering to do that, sorrrrry). No one has conversations anymore and it freaks me out. We are all having conversations into mirrors and inside our heads, but never face-to-face. It makes me so sad! And anxious! But then I get a phone call and I freak out. Unless I am tipsy, then I'm all, like, "HEEEEYYYYY!!!!!!!"

Well well well. This post is going nowhere. I could take that last sentence as a jumping off point to say, "And just like this post, I feel like I am also going nowhere." But that's not entirely true, at least not at this moment. I feel like everything was at a standstill/dead end in my life for a good couple of months (maybe even years?), but now everything is happening at once. I am possibly moving in the very near future (fingers crossed) (but not actually crossed because that would make typing unnecessarily difficult), there's a special li'l someone in my special li'l life, I'm starting to sincerely get over this eating disorder business (well, kinda - maybe I'll always be in recovery, but at least it's recovery), I'm not terribly terrified of my future career plans (it'll work out however it's supposed to work out), and my tweets have never been better. That last one is a joke, but not even a joke at all. So serious about my tweets.

Here's a great tweet of mine from last night. Don't judge. Or judge. I can't tell you what to do! The only thing I can tell you to do is to make some soul food and go eat it right now with someone you love while having a conversation. An actual, "in real life" conversation. It can be done!

Anyway, I'm not actually going to copy/paste my tweets into my blog post. Heavens.


cassie said...

ugh, i love you so much.

meg said...

girl, i love you more.