Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pool Enipla Forever

I was going to take my mom on a drive up the canyon today. The Alpine Loop. We will probably do it tomorrow, though. That is not what's important. What's important and fascinating is that "Alpine Loop" backwards is "Pool Enipla." Pool Enipla. Say it out loud right now. Wherever you find yourself reading this, speak the words POOL ENIPLA. It does something to you, doesn't it? It sounds like the title of an artsy film that doesn't win any awards but should. You know those films - they get lost in between the couch cushions that we, as a society, sit on and zone out and turn off and tune in and this just in - breaking news! Pool Enipla takes the cinema world by storm! A perfect storm! "Perfect Storm" backwards is "Mrots Tcefrep," which is highly imperfect. I hate it. :( I hate is SOOO hard. :( :( ;-( :~(

Mrots Tcefrep will never, ever, ever be Pool Enipla.

In the name of boogedy boo, a(wo)men.


Meg said...

AMEN! Pool Enipla...much better than Dragon Ladies of Pern.

Spence said...

Mrots Tcefrep should just curl up and die it sucks so hard.