Sunday, October 9, 2011

infinite/stuff/infinitely stuffed


I am overwhelmed with stuff.

Shopping, buying, consuming, acquiring, dying.

What about giving? Living? Forgiving?

I see others always rushing to the next best thing/place/person, not realizing that the chase is all there is. The destination is a delusion, the future fiction.

So I see this, I acknowledge it in others and I think I understand it on an "intellectual" level, yet I still fully participate in this chaos.

I get hung up, strung out, and I suffer. I anticipate all things good and all things bad without seeing all things around me right then, right at that (THIS) moment.

But maybe the realization that I don't realize is actually a significant realization? Maybe it's a start?

Then again, maybe there is no start, no finish line, just the infinite path that we slip and slide on an infinite amount of times.

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deadcityrebel said...

now i want to go build levels on excitebike