Tuesday, October 25, 2011

busted block

God, I miss you, Blogger.

I have what might be described as an "uncontrollable urge" to write these days. THIS IS BIG NEWS. I've had one major case of writer's block for, oh, I'd say two years now. Three years? Let's say four.

So what shall I write about? Not that I have to have a subject or a plan. Plans shmlans. My GOAL is to just write. Write write write write type type type type write type knit sew. Okay, no knitting or sewing. I WISH. I really wish I could knit/sew, but it's as though Buddha gave me all thumbs when he created me.

Okay, but here is what I DO eventually want to explore through writing:


Summertime romances.

New Mexico.

Color and lack of color.

And some other cool shit. COOOOOL!!! Man oh man, life as a writer is so super incredibly non-lucrative and usually ends with a head in an oven, but so be it. I wouldn't choose any other path.

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